Opting for bespoke joinery means a higher quality product and finish. But what other benefits does bespoke joinery offer?

#1 Perfection in form and function

Flat-pack furniture is all well and good if a room is perfectly square, with no awkward angles or alcoves. When a property has character or age, for example, solutions need to be tailored whether that is fitted furniture or bespoke window frames and doors. Like all services that are bespoke, the finish in terms of function and form, the result is perfection.

#2 Adds and makes the most of features in your property

From statement fireplaces to windows and doors that are in keeping with the age and character of a property, bespoke joinery makes the most of the features that have the wow factor. Updating, replacing or renovating these wood features is also part of a bespoke joinery service.

#3 Add value

As well as the wow factor, a property that is sympathetically restored or renovated with a skilled artisan joiner will also be desirable in terms of its value. Rather than detracting from a property, bespoke joinery solutions put it back or enhance what is already there.

#4 Unique

Off the shelf products are not unique. They are designed and produced in their hundreds or sometimes, thousands of units. That means the bookcase you have put together is in homes across the UK and in some cases, wooden furniture can be the same across countries and continents. A bespoke solution is exactly that – beautifully unique and customised to you and your home.

#5 A long term investment

Wooden furniture or structural items designed, made and installed by a skilled joiner will outlast your lifetime and long into the next generation. This is because the right wood is used for the right environment and situation. A natural material, a joiner nurtures the wood so that it, in their capable hands, develops into a beautiful finished piece, whether that is a bespoke dining table with chairs and benches, or patio doors.

#6 Creative solutions

Off the shelf furniture is made to a set of specifications that has nothing to do with your home or office – or anyone else’s. They are designed to meet the expectations and criteria of the company producing them. So this means, you ‘make’ a piece of furniture fit into a space or opt for a door design that is not what you really want. Joiners design, produce and install bespoke joinery solutions. It really is that simple.

The Bodnant Joinery team

Our skilled team have years of experience in designing, building and installing joinery products for both domestic and commercial projects. Working directly with clients as well as North Wales and UK architects, our team has the creative joinery solutions your project needs. Why not get in touch with us?

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