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 Bodnant Joinery has the experience of working with clients across a wide variety of bespoke joinery projects. Using both modern and traditional methods, our artisan joiners and carpenters produce high-quality pieces, from customer furniture, bespoke kitchens, fitted wardrobes and staircases to name a few. Our team also work on restoration projects, bringing life back to properties and architectural features.

We bring the very best bespoke joinery solutions at the hands of the artisan joiners and carpenters.


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Est. 2011

Bespoke Joinery Design

Key to successful bespoke joinery projects is the time and consideration taken to understand exactly what is needed. Skilled at understanding and interpreting the clients’ brief, we create detailed design drawings. We can design the entire project or one-off pieces, as well as be part of a professional team working on a restoration or property renovation project. We work in partnerships with architects, interior designers and builders in North Wales and across the UK.

Master craftspeople

Our joiners and carpenters are skilled in their chosen profession but it’s not just that – it’s the passion that goes into every project that sets our bespoke joinery solutions part from all others. Obsessive over detail, design and materials, everything we do have the beauty of the wood in mind and the final product that the client wants. We work with quality timber from certified Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) suppliers, as well as contribute to the planting of native trees on the Bodnant Estate.

"Custom-made front door built by Bodnant Joinery, matches the style of our old house perfectly, looks like it’s always been there. Love the understated expertise of these guys."
Gus Kenyon
"This is a gem of a joinery business!"
Google Review

A guide to bespoke joinery

We’ve written a comprehensive guide to help you navigate bespoke joinery projects and the next steps on how you can get started. 

Superior bespoke joiner for residential and commercial projects

Design is not just about the finished product will look and feel but about how it will function too. We work closely with all clients to produce the product and finish that they want. As well as our skilled joiners being an integral part of a project, our quality assurance systems also come in to play. We check the timber for quality, as well as checking projects throughout their life cycle, and the final product. Working on residential projects as well as commercial ones, our team can deliver what you need from bespoke staircases to custom-designed and made furniture, kitchens and more.

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